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Shipping fees show some reluctance to be set up so I had to disable the cart from my online shop. You cannot order anything for now, however, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail to reserve items, especially Art prints that were printed in small quantities. It will be my pleasure to tell you the shipping cost and take care of your parcel. Thanking you a thousand times for your patience.

Online catalog

Digital headshot commissions

Opening commissions sooner than expected ! €10 or €15 each depending on the style and detail level. One character, from head to shoulders, A5 format, toned paper, one single colour. High resolution file sent by e-mail, to be printed home.

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3 different styles

Please click the thumbnails to see each style specifications ^^
Chibi style commission Shoujo style commission Shoujo style commission Seinen style commission

Additional information

You can choose ANY colour you'd like, even if it's not among the samples :D I can also add minimal background elements with no extra, such as small stars or bubbles. Please note that drawing from photo requires extra work since I have to interpret reality into a drawing and therefore, it will be invoiced €5, on top of the base price.

Ordering process

  1. You get in touch with me, either by form or by email at van [at] asiancloud [dot] fr, with your order specifications, and eventually some references.
  2. We agree on what I can do or not.
  3. And if you come to an greement, your order is conformed.
  4. I send you an invoice, containing all the information required for you to make your payment.
  5. Upfront payment only and only then will I start working on your commission.
  6. I send a rought sketch for you to approve.
  7. I finish the drawing.
  8. you receive pretty art in your inbox as well as a paid invoice.

Payment methods

Accepted payment methods are Wire transfer, Chèque provided your bank is based in France. And even if this costs me a lot, I also accept Paypal payments (until I can't afford Paypal fees anymore).

Terms of the use

All commissioned art is for your personal use only. You may not sell it nor create items for sale from it. You may not use it to promote any organization, whether its aim is lucrative or not, such as associations and political parties. Like all of the content of this website, I retain all rights on the commissioned art.

If you wanted to know

I'm tangled in an administrative mayhem and I have big spendings incoming. My income tax is being debited at the end of the month and it's Ok. What's not is my unemployment allowance cut by a third for wrong reasons and the Unemployment agency asking for a huge refund at the same time (this is their way of helping me launch my business you see). This is why I only offer digital headshot : I have only 3 weeks to get the money and I wouldn't have enough time to take care of the packaging and shipping if I were also doing traditional art.

More questions ?

Do ask me :D You can do so by using my contact form and it will be my pleasure to give you an answer c: